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This is the main page describing two different St. Louis-based adventures: The Great St. Louis Treasure Hunt, and the StL Potion Quest.

Both adventures, along with all kinds of magical STL maps and adventure supplies, are available for purchase on our main site here.



An romp through St. Louis. A magical adventure. Be a wizard-witch for a day and prepare to be delighted!

The Treasure Hunt and The Potion Quest are both great for birthday parties, date nights, family outings, and showing friends around town!  Both kids and adults love it!

Both adventures feature magical puzzles, ciphers, St. Louis history and more!

Two new trailers!

Hermione Wrote two FAQs on the Treasure Hunt and the StL Potion Quest – check them out!

The Great St. Louis Treasure Hunt (Deluxe Firebolt version)
The StL Potion Quest

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