Hermione’s FAQ: STL Potion Quest

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Potions class was never my favorite, but hopefully you will brew yours successfully! Here’s some help! – Hermione

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  1. What is this Potion Quest all about, Hermione?

The members of Dumbledore’s Army have been attacked – Death Eaters have slipped the Draught of Living Death into their Pumpkin Juice, and they are all trapped in a deep sleep!

You must gather a team of trusted magical people around you. You’ll be travelling through St. Louis and collecting potion ingredients so you can brew the antidote and save the DA!

2. Wait, to I need tickets to do the Quest?

Absolutely not!  This is NOT a one-time public event. It is a Quest that you purchase and do anytime you like – with a group of friends on the weekend, with family members in town, or on a date! It’s a wonderful way to spend time with people!

3.What is best way to use the Potion Quest?

Just like the Great Treasure Hunt, the Potion Quest is a great way to spend time with friends and family!  Birthday parties, first dates, family outings, showing friends around town…the Potion Quest is great for it all!  

4. What ages can Quest? Is it as hard as the Horcrux Hunt?

Magical folks as young as six seem to enjoy the Quest with adult help. It contains puzzles, ciphers and codes to break, and all kinds of magical friends appear along the way.  You will be finding ingredients, combining and mixing them, and then finally attempting to brew a real potion. Dobby the Elf has sent some magical code-breakers, and Harry has hidden a detailed “cheat sheet” on the Muggle internet in case you get stuck.

5. How many people can do the Quest at a time? I’d like to do it as an event for about a dozen people. Any suggestions?

The Quest can be enjoyed as a solo adventure, or with a team of 4-5 people. A carload is a great amount. If you have significantly more people, we suggest buying the Potion Plus Package, so that more people can be brewing at once. 

6. How long does the Quest take?

It wouldn’t really be fair to tell you, would it? Well, Ron says that we should at least give you an idea. Magical Spoiler: Depending on how long you spend at each location, it will probably take around 4 hours (half a day) and contains about 6 stops.

7. What supplies do we need for Potion Questing?

  • You’ll need a vehicle (preferably Thestral-driven carriage) to get around
  • Having access to the Muggle Internet will also be helpful
  • You’ll need a quill and ink or one of those Muggle “pens”, and possibly a clipboard and spare parchment for notes
  • I suggest you wear your favorite Hogwarts colors for team spirit! (I’ll be wearing Gryffindor, of course!)
  • Since it is, after all, a Quest, you should bring snacks and drinks!

8. What environments should we be prepared for?

I can tell you that this Quest is much more pleasant than anything Harry, Ron and I encountered on our Hunt for Horcruxes – no dementors, risk of splinching, or fire-breathing dragons to contend with.

The Quest includes a small amount of walking almost exclusively on flat or ramped surfaces, a small amount of steps, and plenty of opportunities to stop for a butterbeer or use the loo. We will have a Quest resource webpage available if you need to skip a stop, avoid walking, or get stuck.  The stops are generally public places.

All of the Quest takes place within the St. Louis metro area.

It is best to Potion Quest on a day when you don’t mind being outside.

Good luck! I will see you on the Quest!

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