Hermione’s FAQ: The Treasure Hunt

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I’m so happy to hear that you are interested in helping Harry search for the lost Goblin Treasure – I know he is so grateful!   I’ve assembled some information for you – almost as good as going to the library! – Hermione

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  1. What is this Treasure Hunt all about, Hermione?

Well, my best friend Harry is in St. Louis hunting for the lost Goblin Treasure. He’s reaching out locals to help in the Hunt! Apparently, a limited number of books by an obscure Muggle author have been charmed with clues leading to the treasure. Harry hopes that many magical people in St. Louis will get copies of these charmed books and help him recover all of the lost Goblin Treasure!

Have a look at our photos of local Treasure Hunters to get a visual picture of how it works!

2. Wait, to I need tickets to do the Hunt?

Absolutely not!  This is NOT a one-time public Hunt. It is a Treasure Hunt that you purchase and do anytime you like – with a group of friends on the weekend, with family members in town, or on a date! It’s a wonderful way to spend time with people!

3. What is best way to use the Treasure Hunt?

The witches who created the Treasure Hunt tell us that it is a great way to spend time with friends and family!  Birthday parties, first dates, family outings, showing friends around town…the Treasure Hunt is great for it all!  

4. What ages can hunt for the Goblin Treasure? Is it as hard as the Horcrux Hunt?

Magical folks as young as six seem to enjoy the Hunt with adult help. It contains puzzles, ciphers and codes to break, and all kinds of magical friends appear along the way. We hear that Dumbledore will send some magical code-breakers, and also Harry has hidden a detailed “cheat sheet” on the Muggle internet in case you get stuck.

Have a look at magical Treasure Hunters searching for the Goblin treasure here!

5. How many people can do the hunt at a time?

The Treasure Hunt can be enjoyed as an own-your-own adventure, or up to teams of 4 people (one representing each house from Hogwarts). If you have significantly more people, we suggest buying extra copies, and having each group of four work together as a team.

The Hunt is available in three different versions to accommodate a wide range of budgets, so you can choose what makes sense for you!

6. We want to use the Hunt as a birthday activity/event for about a dozen people. Any suggestions?

(See above for how many copies of the Hunt are helpful for larger groups.)

The Hunt works best when there is one Hunt (book of clues) for each car, so that everyone can participate. Beyond that, it depends on what you want to provide each person.  We have Magical Add-On Kits available (which include a wand, STL Marauder’s Map and Victory Envelope) if you’d like all the participants to have souvenirs from the Hunt.

7. How long does the Hunt take?

It wouldn’t really be fair to tell you, would it? Well, Ron says that we should at least give you an idea. Magical Spoiler: Depending on how long you spend at each location, it will probably take around 3 hours and contains 6 stops.

8. What supplies do we need for Treasure Hunting?

  • You’ll need a vehicle (preferably Thestral-driven carriage) to get around
  • Having access to the Muggle Internet will also be helpful
  • You’ll need a quill and ink or one of those Muggle “pens”
  • I suggest you wear your favorite Hogwarts colors for team spirit! (I’ll be wearing Gryffindor, of course!)

9. How much does the Treasure Hunt cost?

There are several versions of the Treasure Hunt available for different-sized budgets – whether you have loads of Galleons or a more of a Weasley-sized budget.

10. What environments should we be prepared for?

I can tell you that this Treasure Hunt is much more pleasant than anything Harry, Ron and I encountered on our Hunt for Horcruxes – no dementors, risk of splinching, or fire-breathing dragons to contend with.

The Treasure Hunt includes a small amount of walking almost exclusively on flat surfaces, less than five stairs, and plenty of opportunities to stop for a butterbeer or use the loo.

All of the hunt takes place in the city of St. Louis, and we’ve received information that part of the trek may take you through downtown, so pay attention to big events that may interfere with your travel.

It is best to embark on your Treasure Hunt on a day when you don’t mind being outside.

Good luck! I will see you on the hunt!

Have a look at magical Treasure Hunters searching for the Goblin treasure here!

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